You know you're from Colorado when...

denverbroncoz replied to your post:What part of Colorado are you from?

i live in CO Springs too :/

Ah, I’m not there anymore though. Moved up to Aurora some years ago. 

As a person from Colorado, I must say I love your blog. :) it's so great to see these! Keep it up! :D

Thanks! I’m really ashamed at myself to have let it sit in the dust for so long with no updates. I hope to return to regular updates soon!

What part of Colorado are you from?

Colorado Springs! Most of my time was on USAFA, specifically. 

Sorry for the absence, peeps, I’ve been real busy and stressed. I’m looking for a co-admin so if you’re interested, give me a holler off-anon.

Are you a guy or a girl?

Anon pal-o, I do believe this has nothing to do with Colorado.

But I’ll answer this to avoid being asked in the future!

It doesn’t really matter what gender I am, I’m just a person running a blog on tumblr. You guys are free to call me by whatever you’d like, I wouldn’t mind either way. :) The focus here is on Colorado, not the admin’s gender!

I'm from Denver but I go to school in Seattle. This blog makes me incredibly happy on the overcast days when I miss that Colorado sunshine. Everyone here hates me for my rants about how the Cascades do not count as mountains. The Rockies spoiled me

I’m glad to hear that the blog makes you happy! And I apologize for being so busy that I haven’t been able to update lately.

I’m sure they’d understand your rants if they came and lived in CO for a while! I miss the Rockies even when I travel out of state.

Anyways, keep the CO sunshine in your mind on those dull overcast Seattle days! We’re waiting here for you to come back and soak it in when you’re done with school!

I moved from Colorado to Florida and trust me...I'll never adjust to never seeing snow during the winters anymore :(

It really is an odd thing, I probably wouldn’t be able to adjust either! (Not to mention, I hate hot weather and am always looking forward to the snow, so that would just be killer for me.)

Are you from Colorado?

Strictly? No, I was born in Illinois - adopted as an infant and brought to Colorado. But I’ve been in CO for my whole life, save for 2 years when we moved from CO to Illinois, and then back to CO. I like to believe that qualifies.

Looking for new co-admin(s)!

Life has gotten terribly busy for me and it’s hard updating this blog. If I’m not at class or work, then I’m sleeping. I’ll be able to update a bit more when spring/summer rolls around, I think.

But I’m calling for new co-admin(s) to help out here! If you are interested in helping me run this blog, and have skype, then leave me an ask with your contact info so that I can conduct a very small interview with you. Don’t worry, it’s not a scary one. I just want to ask a few things so I can determine whether you’re able to run the blog with me and so that we can work out post organization!

Officially homeless


Anyone in Colorado that can give me a place to rest till I get a new job and enough money to move out would be greatly appreciated.

Anybody in Manitou Springs have a couch or spare room? I was in the CO tag and found this post, and there are a lot of eyes to see it here.